How to Stay Depressed

by Dave P.

Okay, you’ve been feeling depressed. You have two options: you can either stay depressed or you can become happier. This post provides common behavior that helps people stay depressed.

  1. Start a depression blog or keep a depression journal. This will sustain your negative thinking and exercise the negative thinking part of the brain.
  2. Regularly see a therapist where you focus on your problems. This will also exercise the negative thinking party of the brain. Therapy is especially effective at maintaining depression when the therapist practices the invocation of catharsis.
  3. Visits to a therapist can also help keep your traumatic memories vivid and high in negative, painful emotions.
  4. Tell people you’re depressed. They’ll treat you like a depressed person, which will help keep you depressed.
  5. Read books about depression. Focusing on your depression will help keep you in a negative state of mind.
  6. Join a depression support group. Being around others who are depressed will reduce motivation to get over your mental health problems.
  7. If your depression is the result of someone hurting you, imagine that person’s face on a pillow and wallop the crap out of it. This will intensify your anger and create more resentment.

These are just a few tips you help you stay depressed, if that’s your desire. My next post will give you tips on how to overcome depression and become happier.


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